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Car Repairs on a Tight Budget: What the Shop Needs to Do — and What You Need to Do

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As costs increase, your budget can get hit from all sides, forcing you to cut back on things you might otherwise pay for without a second thought. That creates problems when you have things that you must pay for, like auto repairs. When you’re not able to simply give the OK for all the repair work to be done at once, there are still things you can do to keep your car working without totally ruining your ability to pay bills and buy food. Read More»

3 Reasons to Have Your Car Professionally Spray Painted

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While you can spray paint your car yourself, this isn’t necessarily a good idea. For the best results, it pays to take your car to a spray painting specialist and to let them do the job. What are the benefits of leaving this job to the professionals? 1. Get Advice on Paint Types Auto paints aren’t all the same. Your first job is to choose the right type of paint to get the finish you want. Read More»