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Truck Body Repair: An Introduction

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After a collision, the bodywork of your truck will need to be repaired. If you have been in a collision and need your truck’s bodywork repaired, these are the steps that will be taken. Read on to discover more. 1) Remove the damaged parts and panels The first thing a mechanic will do is remove the damaged parts and panels so the mechanic can inspect the damage. Trucks are much larger than civilian cars, so reaching the damage can be a little more challenging. Read More»

4 Questions to Address Before Selling Your Old Vehicle to an Auto Wrecker

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There is no need to leave an old vehicle on your property when you can sell it to auto wreckers. Wrecking yards buy junk cars, salvage the usable parts and resell them to other vehicle owners. If your car is in good condition or has valuable components, you can make a decent amount of money from the sale. However, before choosing an auto wrecker to work with, there are four crucial questions you should address to ensure a smooth experience. Read More»

Key Tips for Car Owners When Repairing and Replacing Windscreens

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In Australia, just like in many jurisdictions, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a damaged windscreen. Depending on the magnitude of damage, a chipped or cracked windscreen can impair a driver’s view. Also, damage can render a windscreen unsafe. The laws relating to replacing a damaged windscreen vary from state to state. Here is what car owners must know about repairing windscreens. Causes of Windscreen Breakages – Gone are the years when windscreens used to be fragile. Read More»