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What Goes Into Preparing Your Auto Body Panels for Panel Beating

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Road accidents are every driver’s nightmare. They are a typical reference for the common saying “when it rains, it pours.” This is true when you think about the risks involved to your wellbeing and the costs that come with fixing your car. Thankfully, auto body repair shops have ways of fixing your vehicle in the most affordable way. Processes such as panel beating are an easy take for experienced and skilled technicians. Read More»

Auto Body Restoration: Why Dustless Sandblasting Is Ideal for Your Old Vehicle

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Are you planning a restoration project for your old vehicle? Before the repainting stage, the car has to undergo a process known as sandblasting. This is where abrasive particles are used to scrape the surface of the body to eliminate old paint, rust and other contaminants. Traditionally, mechanics used sandblasting techniques that generated a lot of dust in the process. However, today there are dustless methods that entail combining water with the abrasive to reduce dust formation. Read More»

Have you thought about using a spray painting company?

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If your car or van needs to be repaired following a smash then there are several things that you need to consider. Your first consideration will probably be to find a competent repair shop who you can trust to make the appropriate mechanical repairs using manufacturer-approved parts. Once you are confident that your chosen company can carry out the mechanical repairs you must consider whether they are the right company to repair the paint finish on your vehicle. Read More»